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Introduction to the Advent Discovery Starter

Advent comes from the Latin noun adventus – meaning “arrival” – and was used in Roman history to describe the ceremonial arrival of a great leader to a city or nation ... READ MORE

  • The Messiah Will Be the Son of Judah

    DAY 1

  • The Messiah Will Be the Son of David

    DAY 2

  • The Messiah Will Be Born of a Virgin

    DAY 3

  • The Messiah Will Come from Bethlehem

    DAY 4

  • The Messiah Will Come from Egypt

    DAY 5

  • The Messiah Will Come from Galilee

    DAY 6

  • The Messiah Will Be a Faithful Prophet

    DAY 7

  • The Messiah Will Be a Faithful Priest

    DAY 8

  • The Messiah Will Be a Faithful King

    DAY 9

  • The Messiah Will Save All People

    DAY 10

  • Jesus Comes to Call Sinners to Repentance

    DAY 11

  • Jesus Comes to Save People from Sin

    DAY 12

  • Jesus Comes to Reach All and Every

    DAY 13

  • Jesus Comes to Reveal the Father

    DAY 14

  • Jesus Comes to Serve Sacrificially

    DAY 15

  • Jesus Comes to Preach Good News

    DAY 16

  • Jesus Comes to Fulfill the Law

    DAY 17

  • Jesus Comes to Establish a New Covenant

    DAY 18

  • Jesus Comes to Give Abundant Life

    DAY 19

  • Jesus Comes to Bear Witness to the Truth

    DAY 20

  • The Eternal Word Became Flesh

    DAY 21

  • The Son’s Incarnational Sacrifice

    DAY 22

  • God Was in Christ Reconciling Us

    DAY 23

  • Anticipating the Birth of Jesus

    DAY 24

  • The Birth and Infancy of Jesus

    DAY 25

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