Introduction to 2 Thessalonians

Stick with it

A message of Christ’s coming encourages believers to endure

How to read 2 Thessalonians

What is going on? At times the world around us seems chaotic and unpredictable. This letter provides something stable—an eternal perspective—with which to evaluate society’s shifting standards. Paul’s words remind us that as the world careens towards its final end, our hope of eternity strengthens us to live day-by-day in an anti-Christian environment.

Chapter 1 provides encouragement to Christians undergoing persecution to persevere in the midst of hardship. Chapters 2 and 3 confront false reports that the last days had already come and gone. These chapters reveal that certain things have to happen before Jesus returns, and they urge an unwavering trust that God will accomplish his plan of redemption. The church is encouraged to be patient and steady. We are to faithfully persevere in diligent service until Jesus comes again.

You’ll notice several subjects that parallel those in Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians: suffering (1Th 2:14-16; 2Th 1:3-12); work (1Th 4:9-12; 5:14; 2Th 3:6-15); and the end times (1Th 4:13– 5:11; 2Th 2:1-12). Together, these letters tell us much of what we know about the Lord’s return.

Who wrote this book?

The apostle Paul wrote it in the early AD 50s, shortly after he wrote 1 Thessalonians.

To whom was it written and why?

Paul wrote to believers at Thessalonica who needed an even stronger dose of the advice he had given in his first letter.

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